How to Clean Makeup Brushes

By Hallie Engel

Makeup brushes are easy to clean. Dampen the brush and dab the bristles into a mild cleanser. Next, work the cleanser through the brush, rinse and voila -- clean bristles. Never use hand soap on brushes, which dries out natural bristles. Instead, use a brush cleansing product, gentle face wash or baby shampoo. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown says to keep the spot where the bristles join the handle dry, as water may ruin the glue keeping them in place.

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Wash makeup brushes at least once a month, and those for the eye area twice a month.

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Brush Cleaning Tips

Olive oil can also be used as a makeup brush cleanser -- just dip the brush in oil and rub it with a sponge to release built-up makeup while conditioning the bristles. After washing your brushes, gently press the bristles with a towel, removing water. Reshape them with your hand and lay them on the edge of a counter to dry; let the bristles hang over the edge so they air out.