Blue Spray Bottle on White

You know it makes your windows sparkle, but did you know Windex can do the same thing for your jewelry? If you are in a pinch and need to brighten up your gold or silver jewelry, then a quick squirt of Windex can make an nearly instant difference.

Make sure that your jewelry will not be harmed by Windex. Windex is safe for gold and silver jewelry. It can also be used on diamonds and hard gemstones. However, do not use it on emeralds, coral, opals, pearls, amber or turquoise.

Squirt the jewelry with Windex. You may want to place the jewelry in a small bowl and then squirt it liberally with the Windex. This is especially helpful if you are cleaning multiple pieces. Once you have sprayed all the jewelry you can allow it to sit with the cleaner on it for about 30 seconds.

Scrub the jewelry with the baby toothbrush. A baby toothbrush is soft and will not hurt your jewelry. This will help you remove grime and dirt residue from nooks and crannies in the jewelry.

Rinse of the jewelry with warm water. You can continue to brush the jewelry while you rinse. Hold it over the bowl so that if you drop it the piece will not be lost down the drain.

Dry the jewelry with the clean, soft cloth. Get the jewelry as dry as possible with the cloth to prevent water spots. Then you can lay the jewelry out on the cloth to air dry.


  • If you are not sure if you can use a cleaner on your jewelry, call the local jeweler and ask. They will be able to answer your question over the phone.