How to Clean an Aquamarine Ring

By LeafTV Editor

Aquamarine rings have a beautiful blue appearance and can be worn everyday because of the gemstone's durability. Aquamarines are typically affordable and can be bought at a higher carat because of its natural large size. If you own an aquamarine ring, set aside a few minutes each month to clean it.


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Polish the ring with a pure cotton cloth before soaking it. Synthetic fabrics can damage the surface of the aquamarine stone.

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and place the ring in it. Mix in mild soap and allow the ring to soak for several minutes. You can add a drop or two of ammonia to the mixture to bring out the ring's sparkle.

Scrub the ring's entire surface gently with a soft brush. Pay extra attention to the prong area and the inside of the band.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use a 100 percent cotton towel to pat the ring dry. The ring must be completely dry before you wear it.

Take the aquamarine ring to a professional for a deep cleaning. During the cleaning, the jeweler can detect and fix any damage that may have occurred. This step should be done on an annual basis.

  • You can also use most fine jewelry cleaners to clean an aquamarine ring. Check the directions on the cleaner to see if it can be used on aquamarine jewelry.