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Chicken is a healthy option when you want meat. It is important to clean a chicken before cooking and serving it because the juice from it can contaminate other foods. This can happen by direct contact or by using the same utensils with the chicken that you use with other foods without washing them between uses. This is why it is also important that you wash your hands before and after handling raw chicken.

Raw whole chicken with herbs and spices
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How To Clean A Whole Chicken


Remove the bird from its packaging and remove the packet of giblets from the chicken's cavity. Place the giblets in the refrigerator. You need to use them within two days or dispose of them.

Examine the bird to see if the kidneys are still intact. You can tell by looking in the abdominal cavity. The kidneys are dark red in appearance and are located in the back portion of the chicken. If they are still there, you can simply remove them with your fingers.

Rinse the chicken with cold water under a tap in the kitchen sink. Make sure to rinse the inside and outside of the chicken. Pat it dry with a kitchen towel. Drying it will give it crispy brown skin.

Once you have finished cleaning the chicken, scrub any surfaces and utensils it has touched with hot soapy water. This will prevent bacteria from contaminating any food.