A nose ring can nicely adorn a face or it can completely overwhelm it. Several simple steps will help choose a nose ring that is cherished and not comical.

Things You'll Need

Check out the size of your nose and the size of your face. Larger noses and big, round faces may look great with a giant red ruby. A smaller nose with a thin visage may be adorned enough with a silver stud.

Decide how much attention you want drawn to the nose ring. Basic silver or gold is going to garner less notice than sparkly gems or anything large and colorful.

Pick the backing. Some nose rings have a bent back to keep them in place. Others have a small ball. Figure out which will work for you.

Match your personality and other facial adornment. If you wear glasses or a lot of make-up, you may want a larger ring to stand out more or a subtler ring so it doesn’t overwhelm.

Hold the nose ring up to your nose and check it out in the mirror. Decide if you really want that ring stuck in your face. Ask others their opinion if anyone is nearby.

Buy a spare. Nose rings get lost often and piercings can close up quickly. Buy at least one spare, similar to the one you wear.


  • Wear hoops wisely. Hoops are tricky and can either look like delicate adornments or remind people of a bull. Not everyone can pull them off. Try one and see.

  • Experiment. Maybe you want several nose rings in your jewelry box so you can switch off, depending on where you are wearing them or your mood.