As a server, being able to carry three drinks in one hand can save you time and stress, and make you a whole lot more money.If you can carry three drinks in one hand, you'll be able to bring a party of four their drinks without a tray, you can bring a party of three an extra plate of lemons with their drinks (which, as servers know, is requested all the time), and you can bring appetizer plates, or hold something for another table in a free hand.Here is the most effective way to learn how to carry three drinks.

How to Carry Three Glasses in One Hand

Flatten your hand. The key to being able to hold three drinks is to make sure that your wrist is flat and that your hand is is open all the way.

To hold drink one, make a lobster claw with just your index finger and thumb. Keep the rest of your fingers and your palm as flat as possible. Hold your first cup (make it the heaviest one, if they're different sizes) in between your thumb and finger. This will be the only glass of the three that you'll actually be holding.Make sure your finger and thumb are in the middle of the glass. Exactly half of the glass should be sticking off your hand, and half of it should be on it.

To add drink two, bend your remaining three fingers, which should still be flat, at the top knuckles. You don't want to actually hold your fingers straight up, because you won't have room for the third drink if you do that. Place the drink on those three fingers, so your fingertips are holding it up from one end, and the first drink is holding it up from the other. Try to spread out your fingers a little bit so you can balance it better. Remember, you wont actually have a grip on this drink, or the third one.

To add drink three, Use the remaining part of your palm, which should still be flat and even. You will have room for the third drink. Make sure it's right up against the other two drinks and know that a portion of the bottom of the glass may be sticking off your hand, but remember, you're balancing these glasses, not holding them.


  • Practice makes perfect: Practice this with three empty glasses, and then try it with the glasses half full. Once you perfect this skill, the big tips will start rolling in.