How to Care for Skin After a Chemical Peel

By LeafTV Editor

The time following a chemical peel can be just as crucial for your skin as the peel itself because this is when your skin renews itself. The aftercare can vary depending on what type of peel you received and what ingredients were in the serum.

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How To Care For Skin After A Chemical Peel

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Know what type of treatment you are getting, what is in the solution and what kind of aftercare will be required before you get the peel. If you're getting your peel at a spa or from a dermatologist, the technician should be able to tell you what you need to do for aftercare. If you had a light or superficial peel, you should be able to resume your normal activities right away, although your skin may feel tight and be red for 6 to 8 hours afterwards. Deeper, more invasive procedures require more recovery time. The time required depends on the strength of the chemical.

Buy necessary supplies. If you had a deep chemical peel, your doctor or spa technician might recommend special coverings for the area of your face the treatment was applied to, as well as ointments or moisturizers. If you had a deep peel, your skin will start to flake a couple of days afterwards. During this period, it's crucial not to make extreme facial expressions and to let your face heal. If your skin cracks and bleeds, you could end up with scarring.

Follow through with any recommendations to get the best results possible.