For centuries moonstone, a naturally occurring gemstone belonging to the feldspar family, has been prized by jewelers for its pearly translucence. Unlike diamond, moonstone is a relatively soft stone, rated a "6" on the Mohs scale. It is prone to both scratching and breakage if it is not handled carefully. Caring for your moonstone ring, necklace, or bracelet will promise years of beauty and enjoyment from this intriguing stone.

Daily Care and Storage

Remove your moonstone jewelry when participating in sports, housecleaning, gardening, moving heavy items, or other activities that may expose it to the risk of impact and fine scratches.

Take special care not to expose your moonstone jewelry to housecleaning products. Abrasive cleaners, abrasive cloths and acids can dull moonstone. Products containing bleach can pit or discolor many precious metals.

Choose a jewelry box with felt lining and compartments to keep your gemstones from touching and rubbing against one another to minimize the risk of fine scratches.

Wrap each piece of moonstone jewelry in cloth or felt for added protection.

Always store your moonstone jewelry when you're not wearing it to minimize the risk of fine scratches.

Cleaning Your Moonstone Jewelry

Choose a gentle commercial, non-acid based jewelry cleaner or a mild solution of several drops of dish detergent and water.

Soak the jewelry in the cleaning solution for 2 to 5 minutes.

Gently agitate and remove the stone from the solution.

Gently buff it dry with a very soft cloth (such as those sold for eyeglass care).


  • Consider cleaning rings at least once a week. Dishwashing and cleaning soaps, hand lotions, and regular body oils can build up on rings very quickly.

    If your moonstone has grown matte or shows visible scratches, ask your jeweler about polishing it to restore its luster.