Silicone breast implants

If you recently underwent breast implant surgery you will undoubtedly feel the extra weight on your chest. However, you may be curious as to just how much extra weight there is. Knowing the implant weight is also useful if you are trying to track your weight. Because there are two different materials a doctor can use during the procedure (silicone or saline), there are two different mathematical formulas you can use to determine how much weight your new shape brings with it.

Determine what material was used for your implants.

Figure out how many cubic centimeters your doctor used in your implants. If you do not have the information you can contact your doctor, as this is kept on file.

Use the following formula to determine your implant weights if saline was used: the number of cubic centimeters multiplied by two, divided by 29.574, then divided by 16 (adjust from ounces to pounds). This means that if you had 400ccs of saline implanted into each breast, the formula would be as follows:

400 x 2 = 800 800/29.574 = 27.0507 ounces 27.0507/16 = 1.69 pounds

This means the weight of your breast implants is 1.69 pounds.

Use the following formula if silicone was used. Multiply the number of cubic centimeters by two, then multiply that number by .0375 (which is the weight in ounces of each cc of silicone).

So, if you have 400 ccs of silicone per breast there are 800 ccs total. 800 ccs multiplied by .0375 equals 30. 30 divided by 16 (ounces) is 1.875. This means your total breast implant weight is 1.875 pounds.