How to Build a Pedicure Station

By Helen Jain

Pedicures are relaxing pastimes that focus on improving the appearance of feet and allowing the customer to rest comfortably while they have their toenails trimmed and polished. The pedicure station consists of one or more pedicure chairs and a cart which holds the pedicure supplies.


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Step 1

Select pedicure chairs. It is impossible to build a pedicure station without some kind of relaxing chair. There are a few different options available for pedicure chairs. A chair with plumbing makes it easier to provide services, but the plumbing requires ripping up the floor. A chair without plumbing requires getting a large foot bath for each chair, but is less expensive.


Step 2

Place pedicure chairs in a location where they are separated from the rest of the room. This will make up the station. Place the chairs on a raised platform. Ideally, the platform is around 6 inches tall and is large enough to fit the chairs and a footbath in front of it. This makes it easier for the pedicure specialist to work on the pedicure.


Step 3

Set up the pedicure cart. A pedicure cart is a mobile cart option with separated spaces such as drawers or shelves. Items inside the cart are placed according to when they are used in the pedicure. For example, initial supplies are placed in the first drawer while the final nail polish is placed in the last.


Step 4

Create the atmosphere. The atmosphere is an important part of the pedicure process. Customers come to relax, so they need a relaxing environment around them. The exact atmosphere will differ based on personal tastes, but it can include privacy plants, quiet music, scented candles or relaxing color schemes.