How to Build a Cinder Block Pig Roaster

By Shauntelle Hamlett

Whole roasted pig is a dish many people associate with Hawaiian luaus. Roasted whole pig, however, is a popular dish in other areas of the U.S. as well. For example, Cuban Americans in Florida often roast pigs to serve at family celebrations. While Hawaiians roast their pigs in a pit in the ground, Cuban Americans build fire pits with cinder blocks. If you have a large enough space, and access to cinder blocks, you can create this type of pit for pig roasting yourself.

You can build a cinder block pit to roast a pig at home.

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Step 1

Choose a good location for the pit. Roasting a pig this way will create a lot of heat and smoke, so you want to pick a location well away from any seating areas. You also want to choose a location that is at least 20 feet away from any flammable material and trees.

Step 2

Prepare your location for the pit. You will be creating a rectangular pit that is three cinder blocks wide by four cinder blocks long, so use these measurements to mark the space out with string or spray paint before you start building. If the spot you've chosen has grass, you should use the shovel to remove any grass from the area. Once you've marked an outline of the area, take exact measurements and go to your local home improvement store to purchase a piece of aluminum sheeting in this size.

Step 3

Lay the aluminum sheeting down in the area where you will be building your pit. The sheeting is optional protection for the ground below the pit. If sheeting isn't an option, you can spread dirt or gravel out in this area instead.

Step 4

Lay out the first level of your cinder blocks. Remember that you are creating a rectangular shape. Place two cinder blocks as the base for the first short side. Then place the first long side, lining up the first cinder block so that its corner edge meets the corner edge of the first short side cinder block. You will have created an upside down "L" shape. Continue laying the cinder blocks until you've made a rectangle.

Step 5

Lay out the second level of your pit by slightly staggering the cinder blocks as you lay them on top of the first level (similar to a brick wall). After laying out the second level completely, line the inside of these blocks with aluminum foil. Layer the foil so that it covers the bottom and inside sides of the pit. Wrap the sheets over the top of the cinder blocks slightly, so that the next layer of cinder blocks can hold them in place.

Step 6

Lay the third and fourth levels of the cinder blocks as you did with the first two levels. When this is done, your fire pit is complete.