Chuck steaks come from the shoulder part of the cow, a muscle that is well-worked. This makes steaks cut from the chuck full of muscle fibers that need to be broken down to yield a more tender meat. This is mainly done by a slow, low-heat roasting method. But you can broil chuck steak and still have a tender meat by selecting the right cut of chuck and tenderizing with a marinade before cooking.

Combine the orange juice, Worcestershire and soy sauces with the garlic salt and lemon pepper to make a marinade.

Marinate chuck steak for at least three hours before broiling. Don't get rid of the liquid when it's time to cook the steak; you'll want to add it into the broiling pan for basting.

Place the chuck steak into the pan. Coat liberally with the remainder of the marinade and put the pan on the second rack of the oven under the broiler.

Broil for five to eight minutes and then turn the steak, making sure to baste the top with the marinade from the pan.

Cook for another five minutes or until its done. The timing will depend on the thickness of the steak. After five minutes check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer. The beef needs to be at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for safe serving.


You can sear the steak in a well-heated frying pan before broiling to help keep the steak tender while cooking.