Brewing soju, a Korean rice wine, saves money and enables you to adjust the alcohol and sugar content to your personal tastes. Brewing soju can be done in approximately three weeks at a cost (in 2010) of less than $1 a cup in Fresno, California. Costs may vary based on locale.

Place 2 cups white rice in colander and rinse in cool water.

Place in rice steamer and add cool water. Allow to soak for one hour.

Steam in rice steamer for one hour then remove and cool for five minutes.

Place steamed rice in sealable container and add 4 cups cold water, 8 tablespoons Nuruk enzyme, and yeast. Stir until enzyme and yeast is dissolved and seal container.

Stir mixture twice a day for the first five days sealing container after each stirring. Allow container to sit undisturbed for the following two weeks or until the air lock stops fizzing.

Put cheesecloth in colander and position colander over pot so liquid will filter through colander into pot. Pour mixture from container into colander.

Pour two cups of water into colander over rice.

Add 4 tablespoons of sugar to wine in pot and stir until dissolved.

Pour and serve.


Allow to sit undisturbed for longer time period for higher alcohol content. Add additional sugar for sweeter wine. Add additional water to finished wine to dilute alcohol content if desired. Nuruk available at many Asian markets or can be made via recipe in "Handbook of Indigenous Fermented Foods."


Watch for gas buildup in sealed container and vent if necessary to release pressure.