Do you ever dream about having long, lush eyelashes? There is a way to help boost your eyelash and even eyebrow growth without using commercial bought mascara products that claim to volumize and lengthen. This homemade remedy will enhance eyelash growth as well as strengthen, clean, highlight, and revitalize the hair.

Things You'll Need

Pour odorless and tasteless castor oil into an ounce bottle (it can be a few ounces give or take).

Peel a lemon, carefully cutting a slice of the lemon peel that will fit into the ounce bottle. Wash the lemon peel in cool water. Allow the lemon peel to slightly dry.

Drop a slice of the washed lemon peel into the ounce bottle of castor oil and allow the lemon to steep for several days (three to four days works the best).

Every night just before you go to bed take a clean mascara brush (you can clean one that you have, but we recommend that you buy a new mascara applicator at a beauty supply store) and apply a small amount of the castor oil and lemon onto eyelashes and eyebrows.

Rinse off in the morning and reapply every night.