How to Boil Smoked Turkey Necks

By LeafTV Editor

Smoked turkey necks add great flavor to soups and stews. Smoked turkey necks are pre-cooked but are not tender enough for eating; boiling is necessary for releasing flavor and eating. Boiled, smoked turkey necks are excellent for making homemade broth, and are a healthy alternative to cooking with pork in greens and beans.

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How To Boil Smoked Turkey Necks


Tender Smoked Turkey Necks

Pour three to four cups of water into a four-quart pot. Under medium heat, add smoked turkey necks to the water.

Cover and allow the water to simmer into a boil. Boil for one hour.

Reduce heat and remove lid. Insert fork into a piece of turkey neck for tenderness. When the fork can penetrate the turkey neck with ease, turn off heat.

Cover and return to a boil on medium heat if fork does not enter the turkey with ease. Boil for a half hour and repeat steps 3 and 4 until tender.

Remove smoked turkey and serve, or add in your choice of vegetables or beans for a delicious stew.


  • Keeping a lid on the pot stops water from evaporating, which allows smoked turkey to cook for tenderness. Add in your favorite spices or substitute water with broth for added flavor. Cook until the meat falls off the bone if you are using smoked turkey necks to flavor greens or beans.