How to Blanch Bacon

By Melissa Hamilton

Blanching may seem like a process relegated to fruits or vegetables, but you can also blanch different meats. Blanching meat, such as bacon, is useful for when you want to use the meat in a recipe but don't want it to be too strong. Blanching bacon gives recipes a pork flavor but not a salty smoky flavor. Blanched bacon is perfect for a subtle hint of bacon that doesn't overpower a dish. Beef bourguignon is one recipe that calls for blanched bacon.

Blanch bacon to use in beef bourguignon.

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Step 1

Cover the bacon in water in a large pot and bring to a boil.

Step 2

Turn the heat to low once the water is boiling and simmer for seven minutes.

Step 3

Remove the bacon and place in a bowl of ice water for three minutes. This stops the bacon from cooking any further.

Step 4

Pat the bacon dry with the paper towels and continue to use as your recipe directs.