How to Be Plus-Sized & Sexy

By Drenee Brown

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident plus-size woman. A sexy woman comes in all shapes and sizes. While some men are attracted to thin women, an increasing number of men admit to being attracted to plus-sized woman. Sexy is not something that you wear, sexy is something that you are. To be plus-sized and sexy you will need to start with the bare you and accent with clothing that makes you feel comfortable and sexy.

Wear clothing that make you feel sexy.

Step 1

Show what you're working with. Don't be afraid to wear clothing that is cut low in the front and dresses that hit above the knee. Love your big, sexy body and be confident in it. Throw away over-sized clothing that doesn't complement or hide your figure.

Step 2

Put away the dull earth tones and black clothing that you think make you slim. Wear clothing that is seasonally appropriate. In the summer wear clothes that are bright and vibrant. Don't shy away from shorts and T-shirts. Try wearing shades of red and purple for winter. A sexy red dress will be remembered at a holiday dinner.

Step 3

Purchase sexy lingerie and underwear. If you have to dress for corporate America, there is nothing stopping you from wearing lace panties and bras. Plus-sized women who feel sexy act sexy. Go to bed in something soft and sleek to feel sexy.

Step 4

Work on how you feel about yourself. You cannot expect other people to think that you are plus-sized and sexy if you don't have that confidence yourself. Start by imagining that you are that woman that everyone admires. Set goals to work toward that image. Learn to flirt. Build your confidence by asking out a man in whom you are interested. Introduce yourself and ask him out for coffee. Not everyone will say yes, but some will.

Step 5

Familiarize yourself with stores and on-line sites that sell sexy clothes for plus-sized women. Have yourself measured to make sure that you choose clothes that fit your body type. Choose items that flatter your curves.