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Cooking a crab on a barbecue grill is a simple way to enhance the taste of the crab meat. It does not take very long, and various grilling techniques can yield different types of flavor. Below is a very simple recipe for grilling hard shell crab. For a better taste, Crabs can be cleaned and cracked before grilling however, this step is not necessary.


If live, place the whole crab in the freezer until it is dead or has stopped moving.

Take out the crab and pull the thick outer shell away from the crab's body. Clean out the insides, particularly the stomach and the gills and replace the shells. This step is not necessary, however it will improve the taste of the crab when eating. A whole crab can be grilled this way.

Place aluminum foil on a barbecue grill and preheat to a medium-high temperature. Place crabs on the aluminum foil and roll the foil up so that it surrounds the crab, leaving the top open.

Cook for approximately seven to eight minutes on each side. Baste with melted butter to keep the crab moist as needed.


Serve with drawn butter.

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