For parents, a baby turning one is a major milestone that calls for a big celebration. Even though the baby won’t remember, the day is often celebrated with other children, games and of course birthday cake. Instead of a traditional birthday cake for this special occasion, you can serve individual cupcakes. That way each child can have their own fair share of cake. You can easily arrange the cake to look like a “1” before serving. Just remember to take pictures before the children dig in.

Make five rows of three cupcakes starting from the bottom of the table and working up.

Make a row of five cupcakes above the last row of three cupcakes, so that two of the cupcakes do not have any cupcakes underneath them to the left of the column of cupcakes.

Place a row of four cupcakes above the row of five so that the the cupcake furthest to the left in the row of five does not have a cupcake above it.

Place a row of three cupcakes above the row of four cupcakes so that the cupcake furthest to the left in the row of four does not have a cupcake above it. You have now formed a “1” shape.

Frost each cupcake if they are not already or leave them as they are if they are already decorated.


  • If you don’t have a lot of cupcakes, you can make a single vertical row of five cupcakes, a single horizontal row of four above that, then a row of three, and a row of two cupcakes at the top.

  • You can also give the cupcakes the appearance of being one whole cake in the shape of a “1” by pushing the cupcakes together as closely as possible and frosting over all of them together as if you are frosting a cake.