How to Add Sequins to Clothes

By LeafTV Editor

Add sequins to your clothing to create a little flash of color and sparkle to your wardrobe. Sequins look cute on fancy and casual clothing. You may add them to a swimsuit, an evening gown or to a pair of jeans. Use brightly colored sequins to add words or patterns or color to a t-shirt or use gold or silver sequins to add drama to evening wear. Sequins are easy to sew on and allow you to make your clothes unique.

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How To Add Sequins To Clothes


Thread a sewing needle with thread that matches the color of the sequins. Put a knot in the thread at the end. Run the needle through the sequin and, perhaps, also through a bead, if you choose to use a small bead at the center of the sequin. Either knot the thread at the back of the sequin or continue adding more sequins.

Add sequins to a t-shirt to spell out a word or phrase or to simply add patterns of color. Sequins add a burst of color to any outfit. It is easy to sew them on and they add sparkle and whimsy to clothing.

Decorate a swimsuit with sequins and beads to add sparkle. Sequins shimmer in the sunlight so they are a lovely accent to swimsuits.

Make patterns out of sequins on a pair of jeans. You may also want to make your initials out of sequins to monogram jeans or other clothing.


  • Use varying sizes of sequins to add interest to your clothing.

  • Add beads, too, to add glimmer to the sequins.

  • Be careful to knot the sequins on tightly so that they stay attached to the clothing.