how to add filling to a bundt cake

Filling a bundt cake is not as mysterious as putting a ship into a glass bottle. The distinctive dessert cake is baked in a bundt pan to produce its famous ridged ring shape. Bundt cakes are familiar fare at holiday time and festive occasions where their unique shape is frequently adorned with sugary glazes and filled with puddings, cremes and cheeses. Once you have made the bundt cake batter and the filling, joining the two together is simply a matter of distribution.

Prepare the bundt cake batter for baking. Lightly oil the bundt cake pan and spoon in half of the cake batter. Shake the pan lightly to help the batter settle.

Prepare the filling and pour into a turkey baster, or into a plastic sandwich bag and make a cut in one corner.

Distribute the filling evenly onto the cake batter, keeping it in the center of the bundt pan, away from the sides.

Pour the remaining cake batter on top of the filling. Ensure the cake batter covers all filling. Place the bundt pan in the oven and bake according to the cake recipe.


Do not rely on the toothpick test to ensure the cake is done baking because the filling may show up on the toothpick.