How to Add Color to Lips Without Using Lipstick

By LeafTV Editor

How to Add Color to Lips Without Using Lipstick. The skin on the lips is thinner than that on the face and does not contain sweat glands to prevent drying. Lips can turn dark or appear uneven in color due to pigmentation triggered by overexposure to direct sunlight or hormones. Overuse of lipsticks with artificial colors and chemicals causes further damage. Here are some simple methods to add natural color and shine to your lips.

Add Color to Lips Without Using Lipstick

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Step 1

Apply lemon juice along with glycerin to your lips before going to bed at night. Lemon is a natural bleach which helps remove discoloration with regular use and gives a natural evenness to the lips.

Step 2

Wet your lips with water and apply a layer of petroleum jelly. Dab ground cinnamon on your lips and when it begins to tingle in a few seconds, rub off the cinnamon in gentle circular motion using your fingertip. This exfoliates the dead cells and increases the blood flow. Wash it off with water to have smooth-looking pink lips.

Step 3

Cut a slice of beetroot and rub it into your lips for a natural reddish-purple shade.

Step 4

Warm up petroleum jelly in the microwave for 20 seconds and mix edible food coloring of your choice to reach your desired color. Let it cool and apply on lips for a natural shine.

Step 5

Purchase lip stains available in stores such as Sephora. The lip stains are made out of natural pigment rich color dyes. Apply a thin layer of the stain, let it dry and top it with Vaseline or a lip gloss for a sheer shine effect.