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One of the reasons tourmaline is a popular semi-precious stone is because of its variations in color. A tourmaline crystal can be almost any solid color, bi-color or multicolor.

Common Solid Colors

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Tourmalines are available in every color of the rainbow and range from clear to solid black. Black stones, called Schorl, account for 95 percent of all tourmalines. Yellow-green, orange and brown are also common colors. Because of their easy availability, these colors tend to be inexpensive. Jewelry using these stones can often be found for under $20. Quality stones, however, can cost $150 per carat.

Prized Solid Colors

Pink, especially hot pink, is in demand as of 2010. It can cost as much as $400 per carat as a loose stone. Chrome is a rich, intense green tourmaline from Tanzania. It can cost more than $500 per carat. Indicolite (dark blue or blue-green) and Rubellite (ruby red) are also very popular colors. These stones are often heat-treated to intensify their colors. Loose stones range from $150 to $450 per carat. Paraiba is the most prized solid-colored tourmaline. It is a rich teal blue-green and can cost $7,500 per carat.

Multi-Colored Tourmalines

One of the most popular tourmalines is watermelon. It is pale pink in the center with a green "rind." Sometimes a white ring surrounds the pink. Nice stones can cost around $125 per carat. The medium dark peach-pink tourmaline is called "sunset" and costs around $65 per carat. There are numbers of other color combinations available.