Despite some arguments, black diamonds are indeed real, genuine diamonds. Like many other smaller and less valuable stones, black diamonds have traditionally been available through Indian gem dealers. As they become more popular, people have begun to question what a black diamond is worth. Answering that question, though, can be complicated and depends on a number of factors.


Black diamonds are diamonds that are formed with graphite in them. Black diamonds are actually a very dark green, but this can only be seen when they are properly, or improperly, lighted. It is also due to the graphite that black diamonds are universally opaque. Most diamonds are polished in India, although black diamonds are mined in various countries.


One of the biggest detractors from any stone's price are the flaws in it. Black diamonds are more prone to flaws than other kinds of diamonds, so this is something that a buyer should definitely examine. Due to the denseness of the inclusions in black diamonds, they are difficult to cut. Once they are cut, black diamonds often reveal many small cavities and interconnecting feathers that reach the surface. Since this gives the stone a poor polish, black diamonds with fewer of these types of flaws command a higher price.


The carat weight of the stone is one of the largest considerations in gem value. Generally, a carat is a weight of approximately 200 mg of the stone. The larger a black diamond is, the more the stone will be worth.


Through no fault of the gem, price might vary due to how popular black diamonds are. By the laws of supply and demand, if there is an increased desire for black diamonds and not a great number of them, then those on the market will command a higher price. Of course, if the market is flooded and demand is down, then the opposite will happen.


With all of these factors, which are in constant flux, it becomes difficult to say just what the value of a black diamond is. However, for a raw stone of a certain carat, there is a chart that gives expected values for black diamonds. Roughly speaking, as of August 1, 2009, the price of a 1-carat black diamond is $1,155, and the price goes up with the size of the diamond, as larger stones are rarer. Two-carat gems are worth $4,000, 3-carat diamonds worth $9,330, 4 carats worth $17,340 and 5-carat diamonds are worth $30,000 or more.