How Many Calories Are in an Orange?

By William McCoy

An orange with breakfast or a container of fresh orange slices for your child's soccer team can be considered a guilt-free food. This readily available fruit is packed with beneficial nutrients, and its caloric content isn't a cause for concern. A raw orange has fewer than 75 calories.

Oranges, close-up
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Close-up of sliced oranges

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A Low-Calorie Fruit

A 5-ounce navel orange, which is the type of orange prevalent at many supermarkets, contains 69 calories. On its own, an orange is a healthy snack; in addition to its low calories, it's also high in fiber and packed with vitamins. When choosing oranges as a snack, steer clear of canned oranges. One cup of canned mandarin oranges in light syrup contains 154 calories, more than twice the calories of a full-sized raw orange.