Psyllium Husk is a natural herb comprised of complex carbohydrates. People use this herb for a variety of reasons, including helping to cleanse the digestive tract and colon, help with weight loss, maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduce digestive ailments like constipation or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Since it is made up of natural fiber, it works as a laxative and is even found in many laxatives over the counter.


Since Psyllium Husk is a fiber, you must drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration. The fiber absorbs most of the moisture found in the bowels, so it is essential that at least 64 ounces or more water is consumed each day. For best results, take a dosage of Psyllium Husk with an 8-ounce glass of water, and then drink a second glass of water to provide hydration to the digestion tract.

If you are using Psyllium Husk as part of a colon cleanse, you can combine it with Bentonite Clay. The clay attracts toxins from within the intestinal tract to be removed for increased health and wellness. Combine a tablespoon of clay and Psyllium Husk with eight ounces of water and drink in between meals, three times a day. Follow each serving with an additional glass of water.

When to Take Psyllium Husk

A serving of Psyllium Husk is one capsule, or a rounded tablespoon of the natural powder. If you choose to use the powdered form, it must be mixed in with a liquid, such as juice or water. It should never be taken alone, because it won't digestive by itself.

Take Psyllium Husk about 2 hours prior to the meal, so it will not interfere with important digestive enzymes needed for breaking down food. If you are using it for a laxative or colon cleansing affect, drink an 8-ounce glass of the mixture at least an hour before a meal, three times a day.

Special Considerations

If you are using prescription drugs, take them either 1 hour prior to using Psyllium Husk, or 2-4 hours afterward, to be sure they are being absorbed and effective.

Expectant mothers and children should avoid using Psyllium Husk, as well as individuals who have a narrowing of the intestinal tract or esophagus since the expanding fiber may cause choking.

You may use Psyllium Husk as part of a daily supplement of fiber. Adults 18 and older should have about 25 grams per day for optimal health.