How Does the Derma Wand Work?

By Glenna Parks

The Derma Wand

The Derma Wand, developed by 30-year industry professional Christina Boves, claims to soften fine lines and wrinkles, assist in skin fold removal, diminish puffiness, reduce pore size and provide an overall skin refinement and lift. Derma Wand may be used with your existing facial cleansers and creams or the sponsored line of skin creams and moisturizers. This product is for cosmetic use only and is not approved to cure or treat any diseases.

How the Derma Wand Works

Derma Wand technology relies on a professional procedure on a smaller scale, releasing impulses at 114,000 per second. Such vibrations stimulate the skin, increasing blood flow and promoting collagen production. Derma Wand also uses thermal energy to smooth lines and wrinkles, while using enriched oxygen to retexture and purify the skin.

Derma Wand Benefits

Derma Wand users may see improved circulation, clearer pores through microdermabrasion and a tightening of the skin via stimulation and thermal energy. This product warms skin tissues during use, much like expensive laser treatments.

How to Use Derma Wand

Cleanse your face before Derma Wand use to prepare skin for treatment and remove makeup and debris. Pat skin dry and apply your own or a Derma Wand brand moisturizer.

Start the Derma Wand on the lowest pulsation level and move around in circles on your moisturized skin, treating the entire face with gentle pressure. Though excessive pressure will not damage the skin, it may be painful. On loose and folded skin, keep the Derma Wand moving along the area for up to five minutes. Apply moisturizer once more following use.


Derma Wand may be harmful on dry skin. Excessive use may irritate skin, regardless of skin type.