Unmade bed

Waking up in the morning with sheet wrinkles on the face can be a problem if you are in a hurry and need to get going. You don't want to look as if you just woke up. What is worse is the damage the sheet wrinkles are actually doing to the skin. As the skin ages, the sheet wrinkles do not disappear as fast. Older skin becomes thinner and dryer with less elasticity. Sheets are actually crushing delicate facial tissues. The most prevalent place for sheet wrinkles to show up are the chin and cheeks.

Fix a cold compress with ice and a towel or bag. It is important to increase blood flow and reduce puffiness. Creases deep in the skin have swollen areas around them. Leave compress on for no more than five minutes in each area. You don't want to cause redness.

Take a warm towel, not hot, and gently wipe your face all over. The contrast of temperatures reduces swelling quickly. Gently wiping your face with the warm towel increases blood flow. Circulation eliminates sheet wrinkles.

Dry your face without rubbing by gently patting. Take you favorite moisturizer and dab a dot into both palms. Rub hands together and spread thoroughly over your face and neck. Follow with a nice cup of hot coffee or tea. By the time you have had a cup, you should look fresh and ready to go.

Avoid the sheet wrinkles by using vitamin E on your face before bedtime. The most economical way to completely avoid sheet wrinkles is to sleep on your back. There are many pillow options on the market that claim to prevent pressure and abrasion to the face by eliminating pressure points, which reduces squashing the skin.