minature cottage loaf image by hazel proudlove from Fotolia.com

You can bake bread without heating up the entire house. Quick breads such as corn bread produce the best results, but you can also make yeast breads. Adjustments to the placement of the lid ensure that the heat remains inside the skillet while allowing most of the excess steam to escape, preventing sogginess in your loaf.

Heat the electric skillet to 425 degrees F.

Insert a baking rack into the bottom of the skillet so the loaf pan does not sit flat on the bottom of the skillet. This prevents burning the bottom of the loaf.

Spray the inside of the baking pan or sheet with cooking spray.

Pour the prepared batter into the the baking pan or shape the dough into a round loaf shape on top of the baking sheet.

Set the baking pan or sheet on top of the rack in the electric skillet and place the cover over the skillet at an angle so it sits ajar to prevent excess steam from making the bread soggy.

Bake the bread according to your recipe, 20 to 40 minutes for quick breads and 40 to 60 minutes for yeast breads.

Remove the loaf pan from the skillet and allow the bread to cool for 10 minutes before turning the pan upside down to get the bread out.

Cool the bread at room temperature completely before slicing.


Follow the baking time and temperature dictated by your recipe if it differs from the guidelines above.