How Can I Tell If Gucci Sunglasses Are Real?

By Lane Cummings

Goccio Gucci opened his first store in 1921 in Florence, Italy, selling superb quality leather goods. Gucci had previously worked in London's Savoy Hotel, an experience, which educated him in "...the refined aesthetic of English nobility...," according to the official Gucci website. Within just a couple decades, the brand became synonymous with luxury and the elite, embraced by celebrities, including Jackie Kennedy. Present day Gucci has expanded from leather goods to dresses, jackets, suits, shoes and sunglasses. Imitators frequently copy Gucci's designs into high and low quality fakes. When it comes to sunglasses, there are several ways to verify that their authenticity.

Gucci sunglasses have distinguishing features which should verify their authenticity.

Step 1

Check for a warranty manufacture card. Authentic Gucci sunglasses always come with this card and it has the serial number printed on the card.

Step 2

Find out where the sunglasses were made. All Gucci sunglasses are always made in Italy. The Gucci warranty manufacture card should confirm this.

Step 3

Look at the logo printed on the inner or outer stem of the sunglasses. Gently scratch it with one of your nails. The logo of real Gucci sunglasses won't be affected by such a scratch. However, you can scratch the logo of fake sunglasses right off.

Step 4

Examine the Gucci hardware. Many Gucci sunglasses have a simple or intricate "G" design on either side of the stem, near the lenses. If the "G" looks glued on after the fact, or crooked or flimsily attached, the sunglasses are most likely fake.

Step 5

Look at the price. The average price for brand new Gucci sunglasses is $200. If the price of the sunglasses in question is significantly lower than that, then they might be fake.

Step 6

Look for a sunglasses case and cleaning cloth. Authentic Gucci sunglasses always have a small cleaning cloth for the lenses of the sunglasses and a case, both embossed with the Gucci logo.