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Many people go to the gym to enjoy the benefits of a steam room. Steam baths provide relief from sore muscles and joints and may be effective in asthma, bronchitis and allergy relief. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a steam bath but prefer the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can create a steam room with the right tools and knowledge.


There are two main elements to building your own steam room, the enclosure and the steam generator.

Steam rooms must be completely enclosed. All joints and cracks must be sealed with a silicone sealer. All materials used in making the steam room--such as tile, marble and cement--must be waterproof. Ceramic tile is a popular choice. Make sure the tile is properly grouted and sealed.

An existing shower enclosure is the most economical choice for creating a home steam room. Ensure that the shower enclosure is watertight from ground to ceiling.

You should include at least one bench in your steam room for comfort while bathing. Ensure that the bench is slightly sloped to provide for condensation runoff.

Steam Generators

Whether you build your own steam room or use an existing shower enclosure, you will need a steam generator. The price starts at about $400 for a small unit adequate for a personal shower enclosure, and runs up to $4,000 for a large commercial grade generator.

You will also need a control unit and steam head. The control unit sets and adjusts the temperature range in which your steam generator will function. The steam head delivers steam to the enclosure.

Unless you are very familiar with wiring and plumbing, hire an electrician and plumber to properly install the generator and control unit package.

Steam Room Alternative

If you want to enjoy a home steam bath but are hesitant to build your own, try a steam capsule. This is a free-standing unit that offers all the benefits of a steam room but fits into a much smaller space. The steam capsule plugs directly into a 110-volt outlet and weighs about 85 pounds. You can purchase steam capsules through various online vendors for about $2,500 each, including shipping.