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French style ice cream recipes include eggs. Many people do not want eggs in their diet. You can use an egg substitute for eggs in some instances. But if you don’t want eggs or even a substitute in your ice cream, make Philadelphia style ice cream. Philadelphia style ice cream only requires milk, cream and sugar. Plus, it is easier to make. Easy No-Egg Ice Cream, with and without the ice cream maker, and the Egg Substitute Ice Cream recipes are varieties of Philadelphia style ice cream.

Easy No-Egg Ice Cream with Ice Cream Maker

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Mix half a gallon of milk, one large packet of vanilla instant pudding, one can of sweetened condensed milk and half a cup of sugar in a large mixing bowl. Blend thoroughly with an electric mixer. Pour the contents of the bowl into an ice cream maker. Pour in up to half a gallon of additional milk to fill the ice cream maker to capacity. Follow the instructions of the ice cream maker to freeze.

Easy No-Egg Ice Cream without Ice Cream Maker

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Mix a half gallon of milk, a half cup of sugar and two cups of heavy whipping cream in a large mixing bowl. Blend on high until peaks begin to form. Transfer mixture into large container that will fit in the freezer. Pour two more cups of milk and half a cup of chocolate syrup into the container, stirring as you pour. Freeze for 30 minutes. Remove from the freezer and stir with a whisk or electric blender. Put the container back in the freezer and repeat every 30 minutes for about three hours.

Egg Substitute Ice Cream

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Egg substitutes are considered healthier than fresh, whole eggs. They are made with only the whites of eggs to avoid the high cholesterol and fat of the yolk. To make egg substitute ice cream, you need two cartons of egg substitute. Combine the egg substitute with two packages of vanilla pudding, two cups of sugar and one cup of milk. Blend for two minutes with an electric blender. Add a tablespoon of vanilla and place the mixture in an ice cream maker. Fill the ice cream maker to capacity with more milk. Follow the instructions of your ice cream maker to finish the recipe.

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