Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

By M.H. Dyer

Toenail fungus is an infection of the toenails characterized by unsightly yellow or brown nails that in some cases can become brittle, dry and deformed. Although toenail fungus is difficult to treat and results are not guaranteed, several home remedies are inexpensive, easy and definitely worth a try. For the best chance of success, any home remedy for toenail fungus must be used consistently.


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Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil originated in Australia and has been used by Australians for many years. When used properly, tea tree oil can be an effective treatment for toenail fungus. Apply 100 percent tea tree oil to the nail and massage it into the skin around the nail. For added benefit, wash your feet with tea tree oil soap or shampoo at least twice daily before applying the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a topical remedy only, and should never be taken internally as it can be toxic.



Fill a plastic basin with equal amounts of warm water and apple cider vinegar. Soak your feet in the solution for 20 to 30 minutes and then dry them thoroughly. Use a hair dryer on warm setting to be sure your feet are completely dry, because the fungus grows in warm, damp areas. Apple cider vinegar can also be applied undiluted to the affected toenail. Soak a cotton ball with vinegar and use it to coat the area under and around the affected nail. Repeat two or three times daily.

Essential Oils


Fill a small bottle with cold-pressed olive oil and add 2 to 3 drops of oregano essential oil and apply to the toenail fungus every day for up to three weeks. Other essential oils that can be combined with olive oil are grapefruit seed extract or castor bean extract. Essential oils are effective when used topically, but can also be used internally. Stir 2 to 3 drops of the essential oil into a glass of juice or water, and repeat twice daily. If you have any type of allergic reaction, discontinue the home remedy immediately.

Vicks VapoRub


Vicks VapoRub is a popular home remedy for toenail fungus. Massage Vicks VapoRub into the affected toenails twice every day. Be persistent, because skipping days decreases the chances that the medication will work. Be patient as well, because growing out a completely new, unaffected nail can take up to a year.