Herbal Cure for a Mucous Cyst

By Bryan Cohen

A mucous cyst is an irritating but typically harmless bump in your mouth. A quick pop with a surgical needle at your doctor's can help it heal up on its own quickly. But if you are set on doing it yourself, you can try a few herbal remedies that might help keep the cyst from becoming infected. Still, it is highly preferred that you consult your doctor instead of treating the cyst yourself.

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Mouth sores may become infected.

Remove the Toxins

stinging nettle
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Nettle leaves.

Your first steps of healing your mucous cyst using herbal methods are to pop the cyst and to stop harmful toxins from affecting it. The homeopathic remedy Hepar sulphuris calcareum has been used to treat cysts and abscesses by causing them to break open and begin the healing process. Since popping them with your own needle would not be sanitary, this homeopathic remedy applied directly onto the cyst may be the best herbal method. Take a low potency dose (6c) every two hours. The c in homeopathic remedies refers to 100 times the potency of one homeopathic unit.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum may be abbreviated as "Hepar sulph" and it can be found in natural food stores like Whole Foods. To begin the healing process, apply it to the cyst using a poultice made from burdock leaf. This will start to remove toxins from the blood in the area and it will potentially aid in healing.

The juice from the herbs nettle and red clover will contribute to the removal of toxins in the blood as well. These three herbs are also available in natural food stores or they can be purchased online. If purchasing online, use a reliable herbal retailer with a verifiable history of good customer service and quality products (check bbb.org, the Better Business Bureau's website, for some info on this). Begin using these herbs immediately after the rupture of the cyst.

For all herbs, it is best to purchase them separately as opposed to a big mix, as you can't always trust the proportions and ingredients in mixed formulas.

Prevent Infection

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Echinacea flowers.

A variety of herbs potentially prevent your cyst from becoming infected after rupturing. The immune system herb Echinacea can be used to prevent and eliminate bacterial infections in the body. Take it as a capsule or in an herbal decoction. As a capsule, it is available at most drug stores and GNC stores, but as an herb you may have to go to a local natural food store. Create a mouthwash from the herb myrrh by mixing 4/5 teaspoon of myrrh tincture in one cup of warm water. This will act as an antimicrobial treatment that you can use up to three times a day.

Yarrow is an herb with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties that can help fight infection. It can be taken as a tea to be sipped throughout the day or as a poultice to rub into the affected area in the mouth. Myrrh and yarrow are available online or at a natural foods store. Use these herbs at the same time as the toxin-removing herbs, and for up to a week after the rupture of the cyst.


Aloe Cream
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Aloe vera.

After a few days of infection-fighting, if the cyst has not healed on its own, try a few of these herbal remedies to promote healing. Aloe vera gel has often been praised for its soothing and healing properties. It is a natural antibiotic and it can be found in most pharmacies. Dab the gel on or apply it to a compress to be held on the affected area. A cream made with calendula herb can help to speed up the healing process. This type of cream can be purchased at health food stores like Whole Foods. Try that or a cream made from St. John's wort oil throughout the day. Lastly, an aromatherapy mixture of one drop of lavender oil and one drop of geranium oil in a half cup of water can be used as a healing mouthwash. Try it up to four times a day. If the cyst is still not improving one week after rupture, contact a doctor immediately.