Healthy Powder Drink Mix

By LeafTV Editor

A powder-drink mix is an easy, portable, sometimes tasty and usually inexpensive way to flavor and enhance an ordinary drink of water. Some mixes have additional benefits such added vitamins and nutrients, while others have drawbacks, including excess calories and unhealthy chemicals or additives. With a little information, choose a healthy and delicious powder-drink mix that will work for you.

Healthy Powder Drink Mix
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Healthy Powder Drink Mix

Buying the Mix

When searching for a healthy mix, look for one that has the benefits you want but does not have any unhealthy additives. Benefits to consider include vitamins (especially vitamin C), ginseng, protein, folic acid and zinc. Some of these supplements are geared toward daily health, and others are made for specific purposes, such as getting over a cold faster (zinc) or healthy skin, nails and hair (vitamin E and B).

Make sure the mix does not contain too many unhealthy ingredients. Look for mixes that have fewer than 50 calories per serving, as well as a low-sugar content. Stay away from powders that contain artificial sweeteners and dyes. Most of the healthier powders are white or tan, and never bright red, yellow or orange. Note that some non-sugar sweeteners are more acceptable than others. Stevia, for example, does not come from sugar, but it is a sweet-flavored herb and is "a nutritious, natural dietary supplements offering numerous health benefits," according to

Some good healthy mixes to are C-Splash, FRS, Zipfizz, Berry Healthy and Emergen-C. Shop online for lower prices. Some good websites are and

Making Your Own

Ingredients for a homemade powder drink with a milkshake-like consistency include flavored protein powder, contents from vitamin caplets, powdered milk, ground herbs, whey powder and unsweetened cocoa. For a more refreshing taste, try flavored spirulina powder, unsweetened tea powder, ground ginger, dried cranberries, citrus zest, vitamin powder and ground Stevia.

Use the more soluble ingredients such as whey powder and spirulina as a base, and add the other ingredients to taste. For example, mix 3 tbsp. of unsweetened tea powder with 1 tsp. of spirulina, 1/2 tsp. of vitamin C powder, and lemon zest to taste. This mix tastes great in one quart of water.

Buy these ingredients at health food stores--either online or at your local store. Make a large batch of your own powder mix, and keep it in a jar or carry single servings in plastic bags. This is a good money-saving method, and you can be sure you're not ingesting unnecessary additives.