The use of herbal teas have become increasingly popular. Each one of these teas have its own significant health benefits. Jasmine tea is among the collection of teas contributing to the health benefits for herbal tea drinkers. It is a combination of dried jasmine flowers and green tea leaves which is a powerful antioxidant.


Jasmine tea aids digestion and weight loss. It also enhances metabolism and blood circulation.


Jasmine tea is an aphrodisiac because it contains a mix of benzoic acetate, linalool. Indole and jasmon, all of which are used by herbalists in making aphrodisiacs.


The linalool in jasmine is a significant odor component that can cause a sedative effect on your mood state.

Anticancer Benefits

Laboratory research studies done with jasmine show strong potential that it has anticancer benefits however, further studies are necessary to isolate and develop the principle for use.


Other Benefits

Jasmine tea can also ease headaches and respiratory problems.