Health Benefits of Black Tea

By Contributing Writer

You may have heard that drinking tea is healthy, but you may not know exactly what makes it beneficial to your health. Black tea, like green tea, comes from the plant "camellia sinensis." Drinking tea is not only soothing but also gives your system a health boost.


Black tea is easier to recognize when it has been steeped because of the dark coloring it gives a cup of tea. Black tea is composed of mature dried leaves that can be placed in a tea bag or bought as loose leaves. These leaves have a dark color compared to other teas, because it is the most processed.


Green tea has gained popularity over the years and because of this many believe that green tea has the most benefits. Green tea is processed less, so it has a higher level of antioxidants, as opposed to black tea where these antioxidants are eliminated after processing. These two teas come from the same plant, so they have comparable benefits, only varying in the way they are processed.


Low levels of caffeine, which promotes circulation, can be found in black tea. Flouride, which is found in toothpaste, is also an ingredient of black tea. This means black tea promotes oral and bone health. Black tea also contain flavonoids, which are also found in apples, and other antioxidants.


Black tea also helps fight bacteria and strengthens the immune system. It can also leave the skin moisturized because drinking tea hydrates the body. Steeped tea bags that are cooled in the fridge can be applied to the eye area to reduce the look of puffiness.


Black tea assists in balancing hormone levels, which helps keep stress at bay. One of the medicinal qualities of black tea is that it includes anti-inflammatory properties as well as helps the digestive tract function properly. Black tea can also help maintain a balanced cholesterol level, which reduces the risk for stroke.