Hairstyles for 4-Year-Olds

By Filonia LeChat

Although it may be fun to have an array of styling options for your child's hair, kids are often too impatient to sit for long periods of time and simply want to be on their way for the day. Therefore, it can be important to choose hairstyles to suit your child. Styles for young children can be cute and simple, allowing them to express their personalities while requiring very little styling time and supplies.

Hairstyles for little kids can be simple, cute and quick.

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Bowl Hairstyle

Both boys and girls can wear the bowl hairstyle, which gets its name by the way moms used to cut children's hair--placing a large bowl over the top of their heads and just cutting any hair that stuck down below the edges of the bowl. These days, the style is created in a salon, where the child's hair is cut to frame the face, with thick bangs. The style is maintained easily at home by blow-drying hair and using a bit of hairspray, if desired, to keep it in place. To add some flair, girls can sweep their bangs to the side and pin them back with a cute and colorful barrette.


Pigtails are an easy, goes-with-everything style for little girls. Their benefit is that they keep a girl's hair out of her face while still looking cute. Plus, an added benefit is that the girl can dress up the pigtails with big round ball elastic bands or other hair accessories. The style works best with medium to long hair, and is achieved by simply parting hair down the middle of the head and creating two equal sections, then making a ponytail of each toward the top of the girl's head. The style can be varied by wearing the pigtails out toward the side of the head, low toward the nape of the neck or centered at the back of the head.

Crew Cut

Although often associated with the military, a crew-cut hairstyle can be an excellent no-maintenance, rough-and-tumble hairstyle for a young boy. The style requires hair to be razor-cut close to the sides and back of the head, with a little bit extra length left on the top to style into fun, playful spikes or comb down over the forehead. The style is wash-and-go; the boy can simply jump out of bed or the shower and be on his way to a play date, Little League game or off to school.