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A gusset is a triangular piece of cloth or fabric designed to allow for more width at the seam of a piece of clothing. This extra piece reduces the amount of pulling stress on the item. Often seen on the underarm to reduce tear, the gusset is a major part of modern underwear. Without the gusset, the underwear doesn't cover all parts of the body. Gusset-free underwear is also known as crotchless.


While thongs are perhaps more noted for the fact that they leave the buttocks exposed, they are indeed a form of gusset-free underwear. The front of the pubic area is covered, but because of the thin structure of the fabric that passes from the front of the body to the rear, the seam of a thong allows for very little coverage underneath. This thin seam pushed against the pelvic area can be very uncomfortable, and many wearers wish for a gusset.

Gusset-Free With Pantyhose

Women who wear pantyhose often complain they are tight, hot and uncomfortable. Many pantyhose come in support-panel styles that include a gusset in the crotch, adding more fabric to the discomfort. To avoid feeling like they are wearing two pairs of underwear, women can choose to wear a pair of gusset-free underwear under their pantyhose. These gusset-free types of underwear are made of basic cotton to absorb moisture and increase comfort.

Erotic Ensemble Wear

In response to the erotic, some women choose to wear gusset-free underwear in outfits they choose for sensual experiences. These types of underwear are often covered by a garter skirt or corset, which then attaches to a garter belt and stockings. These types of underwear are typically made of Lycra or spandex, not of cotton.

For Men as a Brief Alternative

For some men, wearing briefs can be a detriment. According to specialist Celia E. Dominguez, the temperature of the testes is ideal when slightly lower than that of the body. Viable sperm production can be affected if the testes are regularly too warm, yet some men do not prefer to wear the less restrictive boxers. As an alternative, cotton gusset-free underwear allows for some body stabilization, while allowing the testicles to stay free and cool.

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