Green Tea Soap Recipes

By Marcy Andersen

In Asia, green tea has been prized for its many health benefits for thousands of years. Green tea is full of antioxidants and has numerous healing elements. The beneficial properties of green tea are well known and sought after. Adding green tea to homemade soap is a great way to boost the cleansing power and health quotient of your beauty regimen.

The natural healing properties of green tea have been sought after for centuries.

What You Will Need

Large microwaveable container such as a 1- to 2-quart Pyrex measuring cup (the spout is helpful) Wooden spoon Soap molds Soap base (found at most craft supply stores) Strong, warm green tea (you can add up to 25 percent of the weight of the soap) Kitchen scale

If desired: Essential oil of your choice Soap colorant

Types of Green Tea to Consider

Adding a cup of green tea to your soap boosts its health quotient.

There are many types of green tea and different blends as well. Dragon Well green tea is named for a famous well in China and has a bright green color and deep flavor. Jasmine green tea is a blend of green tea and Jasmine blossoms. Herbal green teas have even more health benefits. Herbal green teas may include echinacea or ginseng.

Preparing the Soap Base

Be sure that you purchase natural glycerin soap. Glycerin is good for your skin, and you don't want soap full of synthetic products. Weigh container. Chop or break the soap base into rough one-inch chunks. Fill the microwaveable container and weigh so that you know how much soap you have by weight. Microwave on medium heat for about two minutes. Stir, and heat one minute at a time until soap is completely liquified.

Add the Green Tea

Weigh your tea so that you can calculate 25 percent of the weight of the soap base. Once the base is liquid, add the green tea while both the base and the tea are warm. Stir to combine.


At this point, you can add any extras that you desire. A few drops of green soap coloring will give your soap a nice soft green color. Adding a small amount of essential oil, such as lavender, will give your soap a lovely soothing smell. To add texture, grind up some of the green tea itself and add to the soap. The possibilities are endless!

Pour Into Soap Molds

Fill your soap molds. Pour the liquid soap carefully since it will still be hot. For quick set up and easier removal, put the molds into your freezer for half an hour. Remove soap from molds and you have beautiful homemade green-tea soap.