Galloping Gourmet Cuisine Express Instructions

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The Galloping Gourmet Cuisine Express is a hot-air or convection cooker that allows cooking without fats and even without water. It consists of a thick glass bowl that attaches to a round fan and heating element, and it includes racks and skewers to hold the food for cooking. The Galloping Gourmet Cuisine Express works by circulating hot air throughout the glass bowl, so that the food inside cooks evenly. While this particular model is discontinued, similar convection cookers remain available. They are considered an alternative to microwave ovens for fast cooking.

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Galloping Gourmet Cuisine Express Instructions


Place the lower rack inside the glass bowl of the Galloping Gourmet Cuisine Express. Place the food you are cooking directly on the lower rack unless your recipe calls for use of the upper rack or skewers. Secure the lid and plug the electrical cord into an outlet.

Set the temperature to 500 degrees (the highest setting) by pressing the "Temp" button and holding it until the indicator points to the 500-degree setting. Preheat the Galloping Gourmet Cuisine Express by placing the handle in the horizontal position and pressing the "Preheat" button on the control panel. The heat will stop after six minutes, and the fan will continue for another 90 seconds. Wait for the timer to reach 00:00 and the fan light to go off before proceeding.

Select the cooking time by pressing the up arrow to raise it and the down arrow to lower it. The time is set in one-minute increments up to 24 hours. Hold the arrow down to increase the speed of setting the timer.

Select the temperature by pressing the "Temp" button. This moves the selector through the available temperatures. Release the button when the selector indicates your chosen temperature.

Select the fan speed by pressing the "Speed" button. The indicator will move from "Low" to "High". Release the button when the indicator points to your choice of speed.

Press the Start button to begin cooking. Wait until the clock flashes 00:00 and the fan light flashes to remove the food. Depending on unit temperature, the fan will operate for 65 to 90 seconds after the heating cycle is over.

Remove the food. Unplug the oven and allow it to cool before cleaning it with mild detergent and water.