Fun Facts About Starburst Candy

Everyone has childhood memories of their favorite candies. Starburst is a popular chewy fruit-flavored candy that is sure to be many people’s favorite and has been around for quite some time.


According to the Starburst website,, "This classic candy is rumored to have inspired the pop art movement."


Starburst's slogan is "Starburst: a pack of contradictions."


Starbursts were created in 1971 in the United Kingdom and were originally called Opal Fruits. Five years later they entered the U.S. under the name we know them as now.


Starbursts contain real fruit juice and are a source of vitamin C.


Packs come in flavors such as Original, Tropical, Sour and Favereds.

Silly Facts

Each Starburst is about the size of a cubic inch. It takes 30 million packs of Starbursts to go from New York to Los Angeles.