Flapper Attire for Pregnant Women

By Mercedes Valladares

Halloween festivities, masquerade events and costume parties are all venues for guests to wear outfits representing different characters. This includes period costumes such as the Roaring Twenties. For pregnant ladies, finding appropriate costumes can often present a challenge. Though party and costume vendors often carry maternity costumes, craft enthusiasts can also make flapper accessories as well as trimmed garments to create original flapper attire for their upcoming event.

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Enjoy costume parties while pregnant by wearing your own flapper outfits.

Drop-Waist Dress

Most pregnant women seek comfort and ease during natural movement regardless of what they are wearing. Though authentic flapper outfits appear streamlined, the drop-waist dress or top is an ideal silhouette for the pregnant shape. Wearing a loose, extra-long tunic top or dress with a stitched stretch sequin or beaded trim below the waist can replace store-bought flapper costumes. Trim the bottom with beaded fringe and wear the outfit with two-tone shoes to complete the look.


Flapper images from vintage photos, books or reference material most likely include fringe dresses. This long fringe trim -- stitched in multiple horizontal layers across the dress -- sways with your natural movement. Though most maternity costume retailers carry several 1920s-influenced fringe dresses, you can also create your own. Purchase several yards of extra-long fringe with matching border tape at your local trim store. Stitch the rows along the border tape with your sewing machine using a long stitch setting. The more rows of fringe you want to apply, the more yards you'll need for the project.

Headbands and Hats

Making your own hair accessories for your flapper attire assures a cohesive look. If you are making a drop-waist dress or top with stretch sequin trim, save the remnants and make a matching headband. Add feathers or a jeweled brooch to one side of the headband to create an authentic flapper look. Cloche hats -- popular throughout the flapper era -- shaped the crown, making it the ideal hat for short hairstyles. As an alternative, add an art deco-styled flower to a felt hat for another flapper style.

Flapper Accessories

Colorful boas and long necklaces are just a few accessories flappers wore during the Roaring Twenties. If you have extra-long pearl-string costume jewelry, mix a few strings around your neck. As an alternative, self-tie a knot at the center of the pearl string, leaving sufficient strands to twirl while dancing. Wear long satin gloves to complete your flapper outfit.


Pale-based foundation paired with defined eyebrows, smoky eyes and defined lips are just a few techniques you can use to create the flapper look. Use a dark-colored eyebrow pencil and define the area. Create smoky eyes with dark eye shadows and accentuate your lips with red lipstick. Most flappers wore cupid bow lips -- two peaks and/or arches drawn at the center of the top lip with one full, round shape on the bottom. The lip design appears full at the center and narrows to the side edges creating the Cupid's bow look.