Open Face Bagel Sandwich

Bagels have long since been a favorite for breakfast and brunch as well as mid-morning snacks. There a wide variety of bagels to choose from, with plain and egg bagels being two of the most common. You can eat these versatile foods with cream cheese, top them with fruit or use them to make bagel sandwiches.

Nutritional Content

The nutritional content for plain and egg bagels is nearly identical, with a few variations. For instance, egg bagels have slightly more calories, at 292 calories for a medium-sized bagel of 3.5 by 4 inches, whereas a same-sized plain bagel has 289 calories. As far as sodium, plain bagels have around 561 mg of sodium, while egg bagels have 530 mg. The content of fat, carbohydrates and protein of plain and egg bagels are the same. Because these are bread products, the carbohydrate count is high, at 56 g, but bagels also have 11 g of protein, which is beneficial to many diet plans.

Vitamins and Minerals

Both plain and egg bagels have some vitamins and minerals in them, though the amounts are fairly small compared to whole grain or whole wheat bagels. Plain bagels have a higher amount of minerals with more potassium and calcium, but egg bagels do have slightly more iron. Egg bagels contain more vitamins, specifically vitamin A, which plain bagels do not have, and a higher level of folate.


The difference in taste when deciding between a plain and egg bagel will vary largely on personal preferences. Because plain bagels are more universally known and have more choices as far as spreads and toppings, they might be chosen more. Egg bagels, on the other hand, have limited complementary toppings and foods, but they have a more distinct flavor.


The availability of plain and egg bagels varies based on where you want to purchase them. At the grocery store, both are readily available, as they are common flavors, along with the whole wheat and blueberry varieties. If you want to get a bagel from a fast food restaurant or cafe, you may be hard-pressed to find an egg bagel; plain bagels are available anywhere bagels are sold because of their popularity.