easy vegetable oil treatment for hair

Sometimes your hair could just use a break and a little refresh. Turns out you can a household pantry item like vegetable oil as a treatment for hair that has become damaged from coloring or perms, to alleviate brittleness and restore natural luster. Naturally dry hair benefits from weekly applications of vegetable oil, while oily hair should be conditioned once a month. Almost any cooking oil works, but vegetable oil is readily available and inexpensive.

Heating the Oil

Although the microwave adds convenience to cooking, heat the vegetable oil on the stove, where heat is more evenly distributed and is easier to control. Vegetable oil heats quickly and can burn, so carefully monitor the heating process. The oil needs only to be warmed, and must be cool enough to touch.

Adding Conditioner

An easy vegetable oil treatment for hair requires only 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. However, for extra pampering, stir a little hair conditioner into the warm oil. Other additives include tea tree oil to help alleviate any scalp conditions, and coconut milk for added sleekness.

Applying the Treatment

Thoroughly massage the vegetable oil into the hair and scalp. The oil must penetrate every strand for a quality treatment. The key to the treatment process is gentle massage, which stimulates the hair follicles and works the vegetable oil into the hair. The oil treatment does not work instantly; leave it in for about 5 minutes. Severely damaged hair receives more benefits with longer exposure.

Shampoo the hair thoroughly after the vegetable oil treatment. It may take two shampoos to completely remove all of the oil. You should notice a sheen to the hair once it is towel-dried and brushed.