Cooked Brown Rice side view

Men and women are always looking for the fountain of youth, especially when their 40s hit and hairlines begin to recede. Rice is rumored to be a miracle food for hair growth and balding prevention. But it is all that simple? Some rice is great for hair growth, but it's less about the rice and more about its biological makeup that makes it good for the hair. Some rice has special minerals that keep the hair thick and healthy, and some products are taking advantage of these properties.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is maybe the only rice that helps to stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss. There is nothing in the rice nutritionally that can't be found elsewhere--high fiber, calcium, iron---but the concentration of these vitamins and minerals in one food makes brown rice great for your hair and your body. The fiber helps the liver to cleanse the body of excess waste and unhealthy toxins that can harm the body and tamper with hair growth. But there is one specific vitamin in brown rice that really makes it kick, and it's called biotin.


Biotin is also known as vitamin H and B7. It is an integral part of cell production and cell growth, the production of fatty acids and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. It also helps to transfer carbon dioxide in the body. These properties help to stimulate both the hair and the nails, so biotin is found in numerous cosmetics products, especially for the hair.

Rice Proteins

Another healthy element of rice is its proteins. Hydrolyzed rice proteins help protect the hair fromdrying elements like wind, dry air and sun. It also strengthens hair against other day-to-day stress agents that can cause it to split, break and fall out. It also adds body to the hair and gives it more tensile strength to battle the elements. A number of hair products on the market feature rice proteins as main ingredients. Korres sells both a hair serum and shampoo that use rice proteins as a main ingredient. These products are some of Korres' most popular.