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You may not go through your makeup bag like you do your refrigerator, but the fact is that your favorite beauty products -- like perishable foods -- have a shelf-life, too. This includes your tubes of lipstick. According to “Seventeen” magazine, most lipsticks expire after two years. Your most-used tube may go bad sooner because of the potential for spoilage. Toss unused lipstick after two years, because it probably won't have the best texture or color.

Signs of Expired Lipstick

While lipstick generally has deteriorated after two years, this doesn’t mean it won’t go bad before then. One of the first signs of a bad lipstick is a loss of color. It may also feel dry, compared with its original creamy texture. As a rule of thumb, throw out lipstick if it starts to smell unusual -- this can be a sign of bacterial growth. To play it safe, you may also consider buying new lipstick after being sick.