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Hair frosting can indicate several different styling techniques, from the covering up of gray hair to creating blond highlights. It is a process that can be done at home or at a salon. Hair frosting kits can be purchased at most drugstores, grocery stores or beauty stores. Always do a strand test first to check for allergies and consult with a hair-care professional for tips and techniques.

Frosted Tips

Frosting the tips of hair is a popular hairstyle for young men. It is accomplished by only frosting an inch or two of the tips of the hair. Frosting creates a more dramatic effect when the rest of the hair is dark. This technique works best with spiky or short hairstyles.

Frosted Highlights

Frosted highlights can add various shades of blond to just about any color hair, including hair that is naturally blond. Home kits include a frosting cap and a small hook to pull sections of hair through the cap. These sections are then frosted, creating a highlighted look.

Frosted Layers

Frosted layers are most dramatic in short or medium-length layered hair. The frosted sections are typically chunky to create a dramatic difference between the frosted sections and the rest of the hair. Lowlights can also be added to the rest of the hair to create an even more dramatic difference between the frosted sections and the darker sections.

Reverse Frosting

Reverse frosting is typically done when a hairstyle has gotten too light. It is achieved by pulling small sections of the hair through a frosting cap and coloring those sections a darker color, usually something closer to the natural hair color. This will tone down a too-light look and bring the style back to a more natural effect.

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