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From platinum to dirty, blonde hair demands attention. The many different shades of blonde leave room for experimentation at a level you are comfortable with. Careful, though, when using a term or phrase found here when speaking with a blonde. Pay a compliment or an upgrade, even if you know her hair color really is dirty or dishwater.

Platinum or Towhead

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Platinum blonde hair, also called towhead, looks practically white in appearance. Towheads have no red, yellow or brown tint to their hair. Mostly only young children have platinum blonde hair while the rest of the population pays good money to get it. Careful who you choose to get your platinum locks. Becoming a towhead requires a lot of bleach and, as such, can be dangerous if done wrong.

Light Blonde

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Sometimes termed flaxen or simply blond, the light blonde has no gold, red or brown tints in his hair, either. Light blondes do not have the distinct white look of a platinum. This hair sparkles with a tint of yellow, not gold.

Golden Blonde

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Perhaps one of the most breathtaking blondes, the golden blonde hue stays true to its name. The hair actually looks golden in color and keeps that hue throughout the head of hair. Dying hair to golden blonde is fairly easy.

Strawberry Blonde

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A slightly reddish tint to a gorgeous head of blonde hair demarcates a strawberry blonde. These blondes typically have ruddier features as well. Use this phrase to define a dishwater blonde in order to pay a compliment to her, even if you know otherwise.

Dishwater or Dirty

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No blonde likes to be called a dirty blonde. However, the color exceeds the expectations set by its name. Dishwater blonde mixes ash blonde with light blonde and occurs naturally. The mixing of the two types gives a subtle, highlighted look to the hair.

Sandy or Ash Blonde

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Blondes in this category have a grey or grey-brown tint to their hair and, as such, are the darkest of the blondes. While not grey as in aged grey, the hair does have a dullness to it that can be recognized easily. Sandy blondes appear natural in appearance when put up against a platinum or a golden blonde.

Bleached Blonde

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Refrain from using this as a description to a blonde herself. Bleached blonde refers to a blonde who others can tell she dyes her hair with chemicals. Bleach blondes also categorize into any of the above categories. The difference being the unnatural look of the hair with roots growing out brown or darker.