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7 for All Mankind is a high-end designer brand of jeans and related apparel. Fake or knock-off "Sevens" can be found by shopping online and in flea markets across the country. Shoppers can learn how to determine the difference between authentic 7 for All Mankind jeans and cheap fakes by carefully examining the product.

Take Photos

Looking at a pair of authentic jeans in a store, and even taking a picture of the jeans, can aid shoppers when purchasing Seven jeans online or in a flea market. Pay careful attention to the manufacturer tags for intricate product details and logos.

Batch Numbers

A 7 for All Mankind batch number is included on each pair of jeans. The numbers correspond to the date the jeans were made. If a shopper encounters a large quantity of jeans with the same batch number, the jeans may be suspect. Jeans that were made in China, the Philippines, Turkey, Bulgaria or Hong Kong are likely counterfeit.

Jean Tags

7 for All Mankind tags should be burgundy or brown in color and feature the size printed on a white tag. The middle of the tag should be yellow, with the 7 for all Mankind logo, fabric content and style number. Older pairs of Sevens could display the name of the original designer, Jerome Dahan. The cut number and a "See care on reverse" line should also be visible on the tag. All pairs of jeans should state "Made in U.S.A. of imported fabric" or "Made in Mexico of imported fabric" on the tag. Authentic tags could also state "Washed in LA."

Bar-Code Stickers

A white bar-code sticker should be located inside the jeans near the front waistband. These stickers are rounded on the corner, not square in shape. A small yellow tag featuring a logo reading "7FAM" is somewhat metallic looking and can be attached to the store security strip. The back of the tag can feature serial numbers. Sevens that were manufactured during the summer of 2007 do not feature this third tag.

Pocket Lining and Rivets

Authentic 7 for All Mankind pockets have white lining with a faint vertical striping. Older pairs of jeans may have a solid white pocket lining. The jeans will have a "7" stamped on all rivets or buttons. The number "7" isn't supposed to be black, nor should the rivets be raised or depressed into the fabric. European styles of 7 for All Mankind jeans do not feature "Seven" or "7" on the product anywhere. Instead, an upside-down "V" appears on the pockets and logo.

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